Improving classroom culture by spreading love and kindness

In our last blog post, you heard a story about a 6th grader named Amber whose teacher, Ms. L, used GiveThx in her classroom. 

Every week Ms.L would pick two students to receive a “love bomb.” On that day, those students would receive a Thx Note from each person in the class. The Thx Notes had a big effect on Amber’s life. They strengthened her friendships, improved her academics, and boosted her self-confidence. 

But the Thx Notes also had a big effect on Amber’s teacher, Ms L. Here’s what Ms. L had to say:

What effect have you seen on your students and the classroom environment?

While using GiveThx, I've noticed that our class culture is stronger and everyone supports each other. Kids look forward to being chosen to have a "Love Bomb" dropped on them from their classmates and are eager to send some love and kindness to each other every week. 

Why do you think the program is important, particularly for students at this age?

Middle School is the WORST! Kids are self-conscious. They're changing and are uncomfortable and insecure. Many times this manifests itself into picking on other people as a way to take eyes off of themselves. Reminding students that they're cared for and appreciated by their peers and teachers is so important for their mental health and social well-being. 

How has using GiveThx changed or informed your teaching?

I became very prescriptive in using GiveThx. Instead of letting students choose someone to send a note to, we all drop a "Love Bomb" on two different students. Those students will receive a TON of love from their peers. Then students have "choice time"  and may select any classmate or staff member to send a message to. This way nobody is left out.  We also send notes throughout the year to friends who are having a tough time or just need a lift.

What has your experience been like for you when you send a Thx Note?

I also use it to thank my own colleagues. It's an easy way to let someone know you are grateful for them.  Although it's designed for students, it's a nice surprise for adults to receive a message in their inbox from GiveThx too. 

Any final words? 

The more love we can spread around this world, the better off we'll all be. GiveThx helps us do that. 

Please help us spread more love to kids and teachers everywhere by making a year-end gift to GiveThx.