How to Write a Thx Note

Yesterday we learned some key skills for practicing gratitude. Now it’s time to take what you learned and apply those skills!


First things first: think about someone in your life who did something that you feel grateful for. (Remember, you can always be thankful for things, like your health, your home, or your food. But GiveThx is about giving thanks to people, because we strengthen connections between people).


Now, pick up a pencil and write down what that person did. Did they take an action? Did they share some words? Note: if you don’t want to write on paper, you can send an email on your computer or a text on your phone. But there is something about a handwritten letter that always feels a little more special.


Next, use those skills. Reflect on how that person’s actions made you feel. Did you feel seen? Appreciated? Supported? Loved? If you want, share a little more background about why that person’s actions were so meaningful.


Okay, final part. If you wrote something down, put the letter in an envelope, grab a stamp, and send it to the person’s address (or email or text).


Your final Thx Note should look something like this:

For a less formal expression of appreciation, here’s an easy way to expand on saying a quick "thanks."

The next time you want to say "thank you" to someone, instead of just saying “thank you” try a simple gratitude statement: 

Thank you (person) for (their action) because it (impact on you). 

Example: Thank you, Devon, for helping me remember mom's birthday because it made me feel cared for and reminds me that you always have my back.