Helping Each Other Grow

One of the most powerful aspects of GiveThx is that it doesn’t just deepen students’ relationships with one another. It also strengthens their relationships with their teachers, allowing both students and teachers to share appreciations that they might not have otherwise expressed. 

Here’s what that looks like. Ariela Lara, an inspiring 10th-grader used GiveThx in her classroom when the pandemic first hit (read Ariela’s story here). We’re sharing, with permission, a note Ariela received from her eighth-grade teacher, Mr. Donovan, and a note she sent to him in return.

Ariela, I am so grateful that you allow me to be a part of your growth. Your growth has encouraged me and makes me believe that growth work is important with this age group. Thank you so much for your growth!” – Mr. Donavan.

Mr.Donovan, I don't know where to even begin. Throughout my entire education experience never did I think I would have a teacher or a role model like you! I am someone who can now love myself, who can take breaks, have those self-care days, and I have grown and overcome so much the last two years. But I didn't do this alone, if I never met you I don't think I would be where I am today. What you strive for, the things you want to accomplish, are truly amazing. You have so much love for your kids (us!), dedication, drive. You can light so many rooms and you are truly an inspiration! Thank you!” – Ariela 

It’s notes like these that help students—and teachers—realize how much they are valued and appreciated. Most important, it’s notes like these that help students and teachers be part of one another’s growth as humans. 

Join us in being part of this growth by making a gift to GiveThx.