Become a GiveThx Pioneer

Practice Gratitude Everyday for 4 minutes

WHy teach Gratitude


A student’s ability to learn depends a great deal on their relationships in school. Without a strong sense of belonging many students are at a significant disadvantage, particularly those from high trauma communities. If we increase belonging, we increase wellbeing and achievement for all.

Send Thx Notes

Students and teachers send digital Thx notes to recognize and reinforce positive behaviors.


Students reflect on their Thx notes to see how their actions impact their community while practicing good online behavior.


Teachers coach students to develop strong gratitude practices and identify and support socially isolated students.

“Students were hesitant at first but truly looked forward to it on the days we did it, they also claimed to feel closer with their classmates because of it and it helped so many on days when they were feeling down about something...sort of like a pick me up. Clearly it helps everyone including me who received messages from students about how they appreciated me and the class I teach.”

High school teacher |Long Beach, California

GiveThx Pioneer Commitment

  • Incorporate GiveThx in lesson plans 3 times per week (4 min each time) and facilitate a reflection once every 2 weeks (5-10 minutes) over the course of the 2 month pilot.
  • Complete the teacher pre/post surveys and give student pre/post surveys (10 min).
  • Join a 10 min check-in call twice during the pilot to provide feedback.
  • Share experiences (positive testimonials, observations) via your social media if appropriate.

Apply to be a GiveThx Pioneer

Help your students develop the skill of gratitude

Program Benefits

-45 minute video conference training

-Additional support on demand

-Limit of 3 teacher pioneers per school


-2nd-12th grade (any subject) or college teachers

-Access to a class set of web-connected devices

(i.e. Chromebooks, tablets, smart phones, etc.)

“The best part was receiving the thanks from other classmates. It made me feel like I was welcomed in the community and it made me feel happy.”

7th grader | Warren, Rhode Island